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We areWe expect you to settle what needs and

expectations you have of the day-care for

your child and to inform yourself about

supplemental family child care.

We expect you to diligently prepare your child for the

upcoming change and the new day-care situation.

For this, you need enough time to accompany your child’s

familiarization phase! In addition it is essential that you

include your child in your personal liability insurance.

We expect you to be prepared to inform the caregiver

about the habits and characteristics of your child, as well

as about the daily routine within your family and to have

regular conversations/meetings with the caregiver.

We expect you to know, live and accept the agreement

for care, the confidentiality agreement, the pay scale

and rate regulations. In addition the cost of the

childcare is to be paid punctually!

In the case of possible changes, you are obligated

to inform Lüscher’s HappyNannies immediately

What we expect of parents

What we expect

of the HappyNannies

We offer you a regular job, a new alternative for your

daily routine, more balance in your life and especially a

new connection to family life in the respective family.

Last but not least, through your service for Lüscher’s

Happy Nannies you will receive fair pay.

With HappyNannies, you will again experience activities

and events with other HappyNannies. These being

playing jass, boat rides, little hikes or other short trips.

HappyNannies also organizes correlating further

education and supports you gladly.

Verein Lüscher‘s HappyNannies, Giselihalde 13, CH-6006 Luzern, +41 76 370 06 62